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We have enjoyed adapting our Alpine and Grass Collections to fit into particular colour schemes ~ a very popular request. Planting colours that make us happy is totally understandable, in what has been a particularly stressful and unusual time. For alpines, the 'pink ~ white ~ purple' combination has  been top of the list, followed by anything BUT pink!


With grasses, we have created three themes - as a family, we've had fun, deciding which collection we each belong to.

There's the:

  • 'Attention seeking, always livens up a quiet corner' ~ Spicy Reds.

  • 'Unflustered, resilient, good at calming the reds down' ~ Cool Blues.

  • 'Unpretentious, glowing with natural charm' ~ Laid Back Yellows.

On a more practical note, the Spicy Reds are ideal for a border or large containers in sun or even partial shade, the Cool Blues are more drought tolerant and happiest in full sun, whereas the Laid Back Yellows are shorter overall and will love some shelter from the midday sun and will thrive best in partial shade.

For a colourful, all-year-round display, we also have our new 'Winter collection' which is ideal for planting up containers or in the front of the border. Evergreen and hardy, they're reliable performers and some of our favourite grasses.

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