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During Covid-19 lockdown, the most popular colour request has been for a collection of alpines with pink, purple and white flowers. Over time, pink and purple flowers have represented love, happiness, grace and playfulness with white adding its purity, honesty and new beginnings. A wonderful colour combination never more apt than now!


Makes a perfect gift (add to box a greeting of your choice such as Happy Birthday Grandma! xx).

20 Mixed Alpines with pink, white or purple flowers in 9cm pots

  • This carefully selected alpine collection provides a good variation of 20 different alpines with flowers in shades of pinks, purples and white. There will be some that are compact, a few cascading forms and a few attractive to pollinators too. Ideal for a raised alpine bed, sloping rock garden or containers.

    Photos show examples of pink, white and purple flowers that have been included in previous collections. Your order will be chosen on the day before despatch and will include fresh, current varieties.

    All plants will be in 9cm pots and ready for immediate planting.

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