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Sedums can be wind, frost, insect, salt and drought tolerant. This fantastically versatile group of plants are one of the easiest perennials to grow. They are great additions to borders, pots, troughs, rockeries, between paving, as groundcover and of course to make a green roof.

Sedum foliage can be very attractive all year round, but their flowers can be equally rewarding. Leaf colour varies from burgundy bronze to yellow, grey and deep green. Flower colour varies from burgundy to pink, yellow to white. The flowers are very attractive to pollinators.

For larger numbers of sedums (such as for a living roof) please contact us.

20 Sedums in 9cm pots

  • You will receive 5 varieties, 4 of each variety of sedum in 9cm Pots. The varieties included vary week by week but will always be a lovely selection with contrasting colours and forms.

    Grown on our Lincolnshire nursery ~ hardy, healthy, ready to plant in garden.

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