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This collection is ideal for filling in the gaps between paving stones, path edges and small gaps on a sunny rockery helping to soften the lines and minimise weeds. Able to withstand footfall, the slight crushing of their leaves will release wonderfully aromatic oils along your way.


Create a tapestry effect with our 4 different creeping thymes in shades of light pink, deep pink and white. An extra feature of ths collection is that the thymes are very attractive to pollinators.


A drought tolerant collection for full sun in a well drained area. All plants will be in 9cm pots and ready for immediate planting. Later, we will have a collection for cracks and crevices in part shade.

20 Alpines in 9cm Pots for Cracks and Crevices

  • The photos show 4 varieties as despatched in June 2020:


    • Thymus 'Hartington Silver'
    • Thymus praecox 'Albiflorus'
    • Thymus lanuginosus
    • Thymus serpyllum 'Minimus'


    We may substitute any of the thymes above for a different creeping thyme that suits this collecton.

    All in 9cm pots and ready for the garden.

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