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Inspired by requests for alpines suitable for troughs and containers, we have chosen 20 different alpines that will complement each other well, without too much spread or differing growing requirements. All will tolerate sun/part shade, are easy to grow, hardy and low maintenance. All varieties will be perennials, bringing joy year after year.

Get creative and plant up a decorative display that will look good all winterall year round. Any container is suitable to use with this offer, whether it's a 1930's trough or sink, cut out log, or ceramic pot. It doesn't have to be a fancy or purpose made trough as they'd be just as happy in an old slow cooker pot or old pair of wellingtons. 


This collection is ideal for anyone new or experienced in alpine gardening as they will be easy to look after, drought tolerant and very rewarding. For advice on planting up your container, the BBC has ideal advice: An Alpine Garden in a Trough.


An ideal gift - add a greeting to the box for free.

20 Alpines for Troughs and Containers in 9cm pots

  • All alpines supplied in 9cm pots in peat free compost.

    Please note trough not included.
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