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Ideal collection for small gardens, patio pots and window boxes. Attract butterflies, bees and other insects with this colourful collection of alpines for pollinators.


It has never been so important to get your garden buzzing and this collection shows that it doesn't matter how big your garden is, you can fit in those plants that will bring the important pollinating insects back into your garden.


"Over the past 50 years declines have been noted in many groups of British insects, including butterflies, moths, hoverflies and bees". RHS, 2012.


Without them we would have limited flowers and fewer fruits and vegetables. Taking a step towards making your garden a haven for pollinators helps our biodiversity and reduces the decline in many of the valuable insects that is being observed.


If you would like to know exactly what we will select or have a preference, please don't hesitate to ask.

20 Alpines for Pollinators in 9cm pots

  • In this collection, we will choose 4 varieties of alpines that are very attractive to insects. Instead of big, showy, non-scented or double flowers, we will choose those that have open, accessible nectar/pollen sites with great landing platforms. We will select 5 of each, rather than 20 different varieties as flowers clustered into clumps will attract more pollinators as the colour and scent will be stronger.

    If you would rather have 10 varieties, 2 of each, this is possible, just let us know when you order.

    A sunny, sheltered site is recommended. Can be planted in patio pots, raised beds, rockeries, border edges, gravel gardens, betwen stepping stones or path edges. All plants will be in 9cm pots and ready for immediate planting.

    Simply order, plant and relax to the sight of dancing butterflies and the soothing buzz of the pollinators.

    Hardy, healthy plants ready to plant in garden. Well packaged. Add a Greeting to Package for free.

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