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20 alpines for tops of walls, raised beds, paving cracks and veg plots. All supplied in 9cm pots and ready for the garden.

20 Cascading Alpines in 9cm pots

  • The most popular request for 2011, was for a collection of cascading alpines - so we put one together!

    Some alpines are ideal for planting on tops of walls and raised beds. It can give ideal drainage and allows them to gently tumble over the edges, hugging the rocks as they go, rewarding you with an abundance of colour from Spring.

    The low, creeping habit of this group of alpines also lends itself to being ideal for planting in the cracks of paving or even along the edge of a raised vegetable garden helping to deter pests and attract beneficial bugs such as ladybirds and bees.

    Update June 2020, for the summer season, we don't supply aubrieta as a cascading alpine but have plenty of other cascading alpines to choose from, some of which are yet to flower.

    All plants will be in 9cm pots and ready for immediate planting.

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