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This collection of 20 alpines brings the Mediterranean to your back garden. Looking best planted in groups rather than singly, we will select 4 varieties, 5 of each, to plant in the borders or on the patio in pots. They would look fabulous in teracotta pots, especially old urns or modernised to adorn upcycled containers. A combination of gently trailing forms along with hardy English lavender, they will also bring a beautiful scent to your patio. An extra feature of ths collection is that all four varieties are also fabulous at encouraging and supporting your local pollinator population.


A drought tolerant collection for full sun in a well drained area. All plants will be in 9cm pots and ready for immediate planting.

20 Alpines in 9cm Pots for a Mediterranean design

  • The photo shows 4 varieties as despatched in June 2020. Each collection will contain a Helianthemum (rock rose), English lavender, a beautifully scented Thyme and the delightful Erigeron.


    All in 9cm pots and ready for the garden.

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