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Carefully selected alpine collection. All in larger 1 litre pots and ready for planting in your chosen site. Perfect for a rockery, gravel garden, raised bed or container and will make an impressive impact straight away.

12 Large Mixed Alpines in 1 litre pots

  • Stephen's choice of 12 Alpines in 1 litre pots that are looking at their best. Potted before Lockdown, they've been happily growing for over three months and are now looking fresh and fabulous. The second photo shows 12 of the available 1 litre alpines next to a 9cm potted Erodium for size comparison.

    This collection provides a good mixture of colour and foliage; ideal for a raised alpine bed, sloping rock garden or containers. Can also be sent as a gift (add to box a greeting of your choice such as HAPPY BIRTHDAY).

    All plants will be in 1 litre pots and ready for immediate planting.

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